this may have looked a little better to me at 5am, but oh wells

QuestionThat was Velma's room. It was shown in several earlier episodes. Answer

Thanks!  Season 1 is so fuzzy.  Here’s another angle of the room for anyone interested

…and the exterior is here

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Questionin that gif set who's room are they in? Answer

I’m not sure!  They showed a house before the scene, and I think it was Velma’s house?  (I’d have to go back and watch an episode where  they were there last).  But could it be Marcie’s house?  Trying to think if decorative skulls would fit her style??  Hmm…  Maybe it’s Velma’s mom’s room.  But I see a record player and a “RAPTORZ” poster.  When I re-watch the series (which I don’t think I’ll do for a while cuz my hearts sorta broken in half by its end), I’ll try to pay closer attention.

Please Cartoon Network Godz Give Us A Season 3


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QuestionWhy you like so much Marcie ? (I like her too but I'm not big fan ..) Answer

I guess I like Marcie because I can identify with her.  I am both smart like her and I do get into trouble sometimes.  I have difficulty fitting in… a “sixth” wheel if you get the SDMI reference.  I love her outfit and her socks and her glasses too!

She is a wonderful secondary character who has incredible potential (for future series now, I suppose).  I will always hope she will reappear as part of the gang in another incarnation someday… 

QuestionI GOTS MYSELF ANOTHER FOLLOWER. I feel Magical. Very Magical. Thank you for the follow, hun. I am a huge fan myself (though I still hardcore ship Shaggy and Velma) Answer

Thanks for being a Marcie fan!  V+Shaggy, V+Marcie, and Marcie+nobody shippers all welcome here!

QuestionHi hi! Thanks for liking my post. Your page makes me insanely happy. I'm a bit of a fan of Ms. Fleach, especially her design. It's kind of nice that there exists a dominant secondary character! Especially one I've warmed up to. Answer

Thank you!!!   I would have responded earlier, but with the long Mystery Inc hiatus (August thru March), I haven’t been checking this tumblr much!

Question*sigh* Now I need to find something else to do with my life. Answer

I know how you feel!  I can’t believe it’s over!  I still want these characters to continue, especially Velma / Marcy.  The next time they do a Scooby Doo series, they should think about continuing this duo!!

Watching SDMI episode 51 right now…

oh my gosh…

Pericles didn’t just…


With three episodes of Scooby Doo Mystery Inc left, the likelihood of Hot Dog Water showing up again is getting less and less.  She was mentioned in Ailens Among Us, but will that be her final reference??  Sad :-(